In the middle of the second quarter of the Spurs game against the cheap Toronto Raptors jerseys , Tony Parker fast break in a show behind the dribble, he broke the ball to the corner of the basketball Kehuai - Leonard jerseys, the latter one-third hit , The Spurs' lead extended to 19 points.

     This is a microcosm of the game today, the Spurs have a very smooth ball transfer, they sent a total of 32 assists (Raptors only 8), shooting 55.1%, and ultimately they ended with a victory over the East and West Second place between the contest.

    Leonard finally found the state, he scored 25 points; and cheap baseball LaMarcus - Aldridge jerseys is to continue to have a high efficiency of the performance, Scored 23 points and eight rebounds. After the campaign, the Spurs home record to 12 wins and 4 losses.

    Leonard said that the last game when the impact of gastroenteritis is still, resulting in poor mental state. But this one he showed no fatigue, after the start of the five shots are hit, and three-pointers today, 5 vote in 7.

    "After a couple of days of extra rest and getting the (gastrointestinal) symptoms away from the body, I feel I have more energy," Leonard said of his 100% status.

    Popovich also praised: "Khoi - huai has found the feeling today, and after getting through Atlanta he got a lot of factors to promote himself, and today he is back to normal.

    On Kyle Lowry jersey Cheap downturn, Popovich commented: "Part of the reason may be that he did not perform well, another part of the reason is that we focus on limiting him."

    The Raptors' Corey-Joseph returned to Latest nba San Antonio jerseys, where he spent four seasons in the Spurs, and remains an "old friend" in the eyes of Al-Quds fans and team mates.


   "For everyone, he's a great teammate," Popovich said. "He is one of the hardest players and I'm very happy with his achievements."