According to The Score reported that after a story full of the game, Durant scored in the audience booed 34 points to help the Warriors 130-114 win in front of his former club.

This is Durant left in effect for 8 years after the Thunder, the first time back to 2017 Oklahoma City Thunder. "That's what basketball is all about, especially in this environment," Durant said. "The fans are really scary. It's definitely the biggest voice I've ever heard."

"But I expected the sound to be a little bigger, and the funny thing was that I was a bit motivated by the people they booed, and that was the only thing I could do.

Durant and the former teammates in the game twice, and Westbrook, when asked to speak with Wei less, Durant seems reluctant to reveal too much, "I was focused on the game has been Forgot to say something. "

The second is with Andre - Robertson, Golden State Warriors the two nose up almost to the conflict to upgrade the nose, and then the referee also played fifty boards, each received a technical foul.

"This is part of the game," Durant said, "the game should go on like this, I even think they do not need to watch playback, hard foul and trash words are part of the game, which is for us Interesting.