Thunder's three-game losing streak is from Portland began, and then they lost to the Union at the bottom of the sun and a large score lost to the Mavericks. These losses let Donovan coach have to mention the defense problem: "We have to do a sense of defense there is a defensive team, we must be in the defense immediately fill position, while the defense of the ball to do Get better. "

Cheap Jerseys Portland Trail Blazers selected to contract Norris - Cole is in order to rest at the end of the Westbrook to strengthen the backcourt, as once the members of the Heat two championship team, Cole is now only the last piece of thunder puzzle. But the championship so that Cole has enough patience for the future, he believes he can enter the regular rotation: "This is the winning must be done, please do not dislike me to say: (I) is now doing the necessary sacrifice. Everyone has to sacrifice, everyone should open the exchange and understand how to sacrifice the defensive end of each defensive team field will play under the field, this is the proper way.

A few days ago against the Blazers in the game, although Westbrook got three pairs, but unable to resist the pioneers of the guns together to play. "A mistake can send each other to score, we five people should work together to prevent the opponent to the ball into the basket." Thunder defender Andre - Robertson said.

The Blazers would have been back to back for the next day, Cheap Jerseys Oklahoma City Thunder but because of the slippery floor, they were temporarily canceled against the Timberwolves game. The current pioneers to 26 wins and 35 losses ranked ninth in the west, the eighth from the western tip of the Nuggets difference between the two wins, while only leading the Mavericks half wins. Before the interception has pursued, the pioneer is bound to win every game victory.

The Stoutian coaches believe that the final rankings of Western 7-13 can not be finalized now: "They (Thunder), Dallas (Dallas), Denver (Nuggets), Us, Sacramento (Kings), New Orleans (Pelicans). ... everyone doubles the spirit of each other, because it is important to know that this direct dialogue (one win between each other is equivalent to a winning field).